Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The ABCs of My Classroom

Dum da da dum! 

That's the sound of my heralds announcing my accomplishment. It's the "ABCs of Mrs. Kuhn's Classroom."  I plan on doing a fairy tale and fable theme in my room this year and I'm just getting into character.  I have spent the last week working on my classroom handbook and now it is finished.  

I created one 5 years ago and haven't done one since.  My computer broke, I lost all of my files and I didn't want to retype it all again.  I decided that this was the year I was going to redo it. Parents of third graders seemed more interested in the goings on in my classroom.  This time I will make sure that I save it on a flash drive so I never have to do that again from scratch. 

I toyed with the idea of making it reflect my theme, but I decided to keep it generic because I feel the need to change my theme each year.  Hopefully it contains all that a parent will need to know about how I run my class.  

Michigan Blogger Meet Up

Thanks to Maria Dismondy I have this great picture to show from the
Michigan Blogger Meet Up.
 I am number 4 in the back

If you head over to Kimberly's blog Funky First Grade Fun she has some great pics and the to links to all of the participants blogs.  So many great people with some really awesome blogs.

Homerun Showdown

On a completely unrelated topic, I went to go and see my son's movie it opened over the weekend.  Sounds glamorous right.  Not!  We went through hours of waiting in line at a cattle call audition, 4 callbacks, a promise of greatness, a day of shooting, and then we waited for 2 years for the film to come out.  All for a brief pan shot of my son in the outfield.  You couldn't even recognize his features.  He made some great plays while they were shooting.  They must be on a cutting room floor somewhere.    Oh well that's showbiz.  The movie was pretty good though.  It will be coming to video August 21st.

Good to be Back!

I went to the Michigan Blogger Meet Up yesterday and I had such a great time.  I was really neat to meet in person the very people that I have stalked read online.  I had a total geek moment as we went around the table and introduced ourselves.  I introduce myself the woman sitting next to me introduces herself, and then then woman on the other side of her introduces herself.  Fascinating so far I know, just wait.  She's all like "Hi I'm Christina Bainbridge."  I lean forward and blurt out, "I love you!"  Way to keep my cool.  I pride myself on not being starstruck.  I always complain about those weirdos that are fanatics.  Then I go all "Can I have your autograph?"  Not really, but I did feel a bit dorky after I said it.  I was just so cool to get to sit down with people you respect and share ideas about a mutual hobby and passion .

I have been rejuvenated to begin blogging again.  Once school began I become overwhelmed with teaching a new grade, having a new principal, and navigating my way through a new evaluation system.  Blogging went by the wayside.  I also chair our PBIS committee, sponsor and lead our student council, am on our district technology team and sit on the district elementary curriculum committee.  Shoot me now!  Unfortunately, I have added school webmaster to that for this year.  I need to knock it off.  Blogging is going to be my therapy this year.  It's better for me than large amount of chocolate and alcohol.

Happy Blogging!!!