Friday, October 7, 2011


Welcome to our O.R.E.O. Project Fall 2011!
Our Really Exciting Online Project)

I love this time of year.  Each year my class and our first grade learning buddies stack Oreo cookies and gather data.  This is a online project hosted by Project By Jen.  I have done this project for the last 6 years.  The kids have a blast collecting their data.  They also like eating their results.

These were the guidelines we were required to follow
You will measure the COUNT of cookies used to stack --
NOT height of stack.
Each participating class needs at least
1 bag of Nabisco's Oreo® Chocolate and
Crème Sandwich Cookies.

(classrooms need to use the REGULAR Oreo cookie --
not double stuf or triple double for their average.)
Students will observe how many Oreos
they are able to stack before the Oreos
® tumble.
Students are encouraged to predict
how many Oreos® they think they will be able to stack and then compare actual results.
Students are NOT to use anything to stabilize the cookie and they are NOT able to adjust cookies as they stack. (i.e....once they have placed the cookie and their hand has left the cookie, they may NOT adjust that cookie again.)
Each student will have TWO attempts to stack Oreos® and
will record the highest amount they were able
to stack before tumbling.

Teachers will need to explain to their students that this is a project with schools all over the world and also explain what information this project is attempting to collect. They also need to discuss that at the end of the project, all results will from their classroom will be averaged and posted!

Once the entire class has stacked their Oreos®, they will average all their results to turn in ONE class amount.

Click below to see all of the classrooms across the world who have joined in this project and posted their results online.

The link below will show you the results of all of the classrooms that have participated.

Enjoy some pics of my kiddos and thier learning buddies.



thanks so much for entering the giveaway! I can tell I'm going to love following your blog!! :)
PS- I am kicking myself for not doing the OREO project!


This was so much fun to read about! I just gave you the Liebster Award:

- Elizabeth