Saturday, August 18, 2012

Well it's official.  I went into my classroom this week.  It was only for a few short hours, but my summer has official begun to slip away.  It has been a great summer filled with family and fun.  And lots of baseball. (My son is on a travel ball team.) I was able to work this summer, so family time really got amped up. So blessed to be able to spend this time with my two wonderful kids.

I have decided to do a fairy tale/fable theme this year in my 3rd grade classroom.  I was really excited about it when I left school last year, but I have not been able to find really good boy friendly stuff.  Plus there is absolutely no pre-made stuff out there to cheat decorate with.  Oh sure if I went with that incredibly adorable owl theme, the one I had debated about but the kindergarten teacher already does and I have to be original, there would be plenty of stuff that I could just open and have instant cute theme room.  I am not sure why I have to always make things sooo difficult.  Oh well.  I  have pinned many cute ideas and hopefully will be able to implement them soon, tick-tock. I will post pictures and hopefully a few freebies.

I have one more week that I can putz around my room, but that next Monday, the meetings start and then kids come the Tuesday after Memorial Day.  I wouldn't be so stressed, but this year our Open House is the week before school starts.  So my classroom has to be done before Labor Day.  And of course our district gives us 1/2 a day to work in our rooms officially.  Who gets all that done in 1/2 a day? 

I would love to know what theme you are doing?