Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ready Or Not Here It Comes!

I officially went back to work this week, and the kiddos are coming on Tuesday!  I have to tell you, I am a little more than nervous.  Which I don't get cause I feel like if I have been teaching for 18+ years, I should not be nervous.  At least I have not had the bizarre nightmares yet.  You know the ones I am talking about. 

However,  I am teaching a new grade, learning a new curriculum, we have a new principal, I am attempting the Daily 5 and CAFE in the classroom, I am the chairperson of our Positive Behavior Support (PBS) team and we are in our first or implementation year, and so on.  I am sure you get the picture.

Today, I finished my classroom to the best of my ability.  I am ready for the kids to come.  Supplies are on the desks, my word search is ready to go, I have my procedures ready to teach, and my Daily 5 lesson is good to go along with a picture book to read aloud.

I am giving myself permission to not think about school for the weekend and I am going to go in Tuesday morning good to go, at least for Tuesday morning.  I will worry about the rest of the week on Tuesday afternoon.

For the rest of you who go back to school with your children next week, enjoy your last weekend of freedom and good luck as you go forth and teach next week!!!

Here are some pics of my classroom.  I hope you enjoy them.  I am excited.  If I have used your ideas in my room a million thanks.  You have made my classroom look awesome.  At this point I have borrowed from so many of you, I have lost track.  If I have used your idea let me know who you are so I can give you a shout-out!

This is the view from my desk.  There is my Elmo that I cannot and I mean cannot live without.

This is the view from my door.  That is my new (at least new to me) area run for my kiddos to sit on for group instruction.

This is the front of my in class library.  I still need to label and organize my book bins.

I saw this as a "Use Your Writing Glasses" pocket chart.  I am going to turn it into a "Write like a Star" pocket chart to fit my Hollywood theme. I love the big pink sunglasses that I created.    I even glued some bling at the top corners of the frames. This will get more added to it as we do some mini-lessons for writing.

This is my desk.  This is where I will meet with small groups of students.  They also love to sit in my desk for a reward.

This is my popcorn word wall that I got from The Teacher Wife blog.  I think it looks great!

Here is my word work stuff.

This is my "Rock Star" behavior clip chart.  We have a school-wide chart.  We do not move up just down.  So I had to modify this a bit.  Thank you Abby from Inspired Apple.

Here is my CAFE wall and my Daily 5 choices.  These I actully created myself.


I love the clock numbers.  These I have gotten somewhere.  I can't remember where.  I think it will be great for my 3rd graders.



Looks awesome! I hope your school year starts out terrific!!


Looks great! I like the way you have your room decorated.