Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daily Five Friday (Saturday) Freebie

 I have been working like a wild woman to transform my humble classroom into a Hollywood extravaganza.  I am implementing the Daily 5 and Cafe this year in my classroom.  A few weeks back I created and posted CAFE posters.  Now I have created mini posters for the Daily 5 choices.  I am still new to this whole creating and posting thing, so hopefully you are able to download my posters. 

I find and rip-off, steel, or borrow my images from google images.  I know that the "Admit One" was a download from Mrs. Van Dyke's website.  Please know that I only use these images in my classroom and do not profit from them in any way except for the warm fuzzy feeling of creating something fun and exciting to help liven up my classroom and facilitate learning in young children's minds.  Enjoy!

I am excited to finish my room and post some pics next week.

Now it is your turn.  If you have a great freebie or want to find a great freebie hop on over to Blog Hopper and join in all of the Friday Freebie Fun!



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You won my giveaway:) I need you to please email me your address and which teacher portfolio you would like:)

4th Grade Frolics

Mrs. Proper

Hi! I was wondering if you could help me?! I saw your comment on idream's blog. I am using the clip chart this year and want to have a student keep track of where each person is each day. Do you have a form I could look at so I know how to make a spreadsheet? Please help!! :0) I would really appreciate it!