Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here is my Room! (The Unfinished Version)

I hated to miss out on all of the fun because my room is not yet complete, so I am giving you a sneak peek at my thought process.  I have been working in my room for days, but it really has a long way to go. 

The first three picture are what my room looked like when I walked in to my classroom last week.  Look how shiny my floors are.  There is nothing a beautiful as freshly waxed floors just waiting to be walked on for the first time of the new school year.  I tip-toe around in my bare feet just to keep it that way.  Just kidding, but I do try and not scuff it up while I am rearranging my room.  The maintenance workers want us to put a map of our classroom before we leave for the summer.  I can't do that.  I look for inspiration all summer long, and then I am able to look at my room and arrange it for the new school year once I get there.

The view from the back of my room.

The view from my doorway.

View of the back of my room.

The next three pictures are what I have accomplished so far.  I spend a lot of time contemplating where I want everything.  Unfortunately I was not able to keep all of my stuff.  I have had to streamline to accommodate my desire to Daily 5 and CAFE this year.  Also, I have moved down to 3rd grade so I am really changing up my room.  I was given a huge rug from a coworker coming into my building and one was left in the room to put in my classroom.  I am so excited to get all of my children up on that rug for whole group instruction.  My kiddos will be able to use the computers for listen to reading.  I also have my tape recorder the for the children to listen to books as well.

My computer area.
I am going with  a Hollywood theme this year.  Sorry the top of the board got cut off.  This is going to be where the students will check-in for their lunch, sign-out to go to the bathroom, exchange their pencils, and get paper.  I will put some clever movie type saying here. 
This will be my supply/check-in area.
 This will be where the students will get the materials for Word Work.  I have stamps and pads, pipe cleaners, reading rods for Making Words, magnetic letters, pencils boxes with sand and clay.  On the top in the pop corn container there is write on wipe off handwriting cards, mini magnetic erasers, fine point expo markers, and pointers for working with the word wall.
This is where I plan on keeping my Work Work materials.
 I suffer from last-minute-itis, so next week when it has to be done, I will post pictures of my completed room.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out Blog Hoppin' to see all of the rest of the awesome classrooms out there.  There are so many talented, hard-working, and awesome teachers out there.  I am glad to be to be surrounded by  so many people who make me proud to say, "We are teachers and this is what we do!"



You are off to a great start. I'm anxious for the "opening day" pictures!!